Dominate Digital Marketing in the Physical World

By adding a smartphone tappable to your clients' physical products and spaces.

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Be the stand out agency that offers custom digital experiences in brick & mortar spaces and on physical products!

Creative Agencies Have a Problem

We have a Competition Problem

It seems EVERYONE is now a creative marketer! Like never before, agencies must compete at the top of their game to prove their worth to clients and win top tier clients.

We have a Data Problem

Gathering marketing data and trends today is frankly a total mess and it's equally difficult to turn that data into actionable insights. Then, filtering the right data to make informed decisions feels nearly impossible.

We have a problem with bridging the gap between digital and in-person experiences

Unless there a TV under every product, there's no way to create compelling digital experiences in brick and mortar spaces just like they are in digital spaces. And harmonizing social with paper, in store or on product advertising... it's impossible.

It's a complex set of problems that Brands are literally dying to solve! And it all boils down to Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Traditional Experiences! ...And as hard as you work, it's not fair!

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eSmart ecoSystem™


Lead the Way with the eSmart ecoSystem™, bridging the gap between traditional and digital experiences... simply!


eSmart ecoSystem™


Today's brands want one thing, increase sales by increasing customer engagement and loyalty. But in these unprecedented times, consumers want personalized information quickly and without physically touching anything until it’s absolutely necessary. The eSmart ecoSystem™ is simple technology that end customers tap with their smartphones and immediately get the information they need to make the buying decision. Be among the first to dominate digital marketing in the physical world while increasing engagement, sales and customer loyalty by offering your clients the eSmart ecoSystem™.

eSmart ecoSystem™

Be the STAND OUT Agency of Choice!

Offer the eSmart™ experience as part of your marketing offering and OWN digital marketing in traditional spaces.

1. Add client to the eSmart™ Platform

Add your client's information and eSmart™ product choices to the eSmart™ platform.

2. Add adhesive EPs™ in the client's location or on their products

Add the adhesive Engagement Point™ (EP) to the shelf near each product or affixed directly to the product. The system of EPs™ is known as the eSmart ecoSystem™.

3. Your clients' customers tap on the

Your clients' customers tap their smart phones on the "E" to be personally engaged on demand!

Discover How Simple & Powerful
Offering Digital Experiences
in Traditional Spaces Can Be!

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"Omnichannel Engagement Made Simple™"

Be the first choice and ONLY choice for increasing your clients' sales with real-time, custom digital experiences

eSmart Shelf™

Elevate outdated marketing with shelf talkers that actually talk

Give your clients a competitive advantage by turning every inch of their brick and mortar space into revenue generating digital marketing platforms by offering eSmart Tour™.

eSmart Package™

Build Customer Loyalty Directly and Continuously from Products

Delight your CPG clients with your new eSmart Package™ offer and allow them to engage their customers with dynamic, customized digital content directly from their product packaging.

eSmart Tag™

Drive Personal Engagement with customers from anywhere, at anytime

Invigorate your clients' marketing strategy by connecting with customers anywhere, anytime and from anything by offering eSmart Tag™!

eSmart Tour™

Deepen and extend clients' visitor engagement

Be the guide that leads clients to engaging visitors with personal, direct content that's never been possible before by offering eSmart Tour™.

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eSmart ecoSystem™

Demonstrate Value Like They've Never Seen Before

by offering your brand clients strategic brand placement in various eSmart™ ecoSystems!

STAND OUT and Eliminate the Competition

OWN Digital Engagement in Traditional Spaces

Own the space... build the niche... corner the market... box out the competition by offering what almost no other agency can... the eSmart ecoSystem™! Give your clients the opportunity to provide a consistent and distinctive omnichannel customer experience, both in-store and through digital channels.

Influence Buying Decisions

Data Analytics

Tapping into customers' behaviors and creating marketing strategies based on real data is key to increasing online and in-store sales. eSmart™ Data Analytics is an extraordinary tool that will allow you to track and understand your customer behavior and offer your agency clients insights they've never had before... behavior PRIOR to the sale.

Bridge the Gap

...between digital and traditional experiences

Today's customers are omnichannel. They expect a unified message, voice, and brand from their companies. The eSmart ecoSystem™ gives your clients the opportunity to provide a consistent and distinctive omnichannel customer experience, both in-store and through digital channels.

Help Monetize Every Square Inch

Bring digital to physical spaces & products

Marketing is no longer restricted to generic digital ads or a set of In-store static signs or cardboard end-cap promotions. Provide your clients with opportunities to turn every inch of their products and brick and mortar space into personalized digital marketing platforms that delivers advertising that is engaging and customized for their customers.

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eSmart ecoSystem™


Lead the Way with the eSmart ecoSystem™, bridging the gap between traditional and digital experiences... simply!


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