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Digitally Connect with Audiences in Physical Spaces

with a quick tap of the Phone

simply tap your phone on the new on the shelf, on packaging or just about anywhere

Digitally Connect in Physical Spaces™

with a Simple Tap of the Phone

Influence the Buying Decision
Promote On-line Engagement
Increase Customer Loyalty

Join the eSmart® ecoSystem & Be The Hero for your Customers

At eSmart Company, we know you are the kind of people who want to be the HERO for the people you serve. To be that way, you need to continue educating and connecting with your customers before and AFTER the service is complete. The problem is, there is no way to get to your prospects AT THE POINT they are making the buying decision or AT the point of service and STAY connected without compromising your budget or your service to others, which makes you feel powerless.

We believe the time of NO ongoing, direct, contactless communication is OVER!

We understand this communication gap leads to one time engagements and that’s an unfavorable outcome. That's why we have designed the eSmart® ecoSystem to bridge the gap to effective and continuous and contactless customer communication before and after products are sold and services are rendered, which will lead to better long-term results. Here's how it works:

①  First, an eSmart® Engagement Point™ incorporated with the customer’s product.
②  Next, the customer taps their smartphone to the Engagement Point™.
③  Then, custom, relevant and engaging information displays on the customer’s smartphone.

This information is available to the customer well after the purchase or services are rendered and can be updated, by you, at any time. It's always available with a simple tap of their smartphone.

So, partner with eSmart®, so you can stop being powerless when it comes to staying connected to those you serve and start being the HERO that keeps people Safe, Healthy and Connected®.

eSmart Company

"Tap to Engage™"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® ecoSystem, making contactless, personalized, on-demand customer engagement effortless!


You can personally engage every single customer you serve!

Give each customer personalized attention on demand with the eSmart® ecoSystem.

1. Add & Sync Content to the eSmart® Platform

Add landing pages and sync POS/Product data to the eSmart® platform.

2. Add EP™s to your products and locations (your eSmart® ecoSystem)

Add the Engagement Point™ (EP™) to your product shelf, customer's medication, product packaging, ID band, keychain, access card ... the possibilities are endless.

3. Customer Taps on the

Customers tap their personal smart phone on the to be personally engaged, on demand on their mobile device, any time of day, no matter where they are!

Discover the eSmart<sup>®</sup> ecoSystem

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Contactless Customer Engagement Can Be!

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Lead the Way with the eSmart® ecoSystem

Customized Engagement
  • Content based on:
  • Customers' location & Time of Day
  • Customers' preferred language
  • Number of times engaged content
  • And much more...
Connect AFTER the Sale
  • Engage AFTER leaving your location
  • Update content based on location or time
  • Create dynamic, relevant, changing content
  • Customer specific content
  • And much more...
Keep Customers Safe
  • Completely contactless engagement
  • Data security is top priority
  • Safety Information & Instructions
  • Add health and safety tips
  • And much more...

"Tap that E™"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® ecoSystem. It's like giving your customers a 24/7 personal consultant, Keeping them Safe, Healthy & Connected®!

+10 yrs
Avg. Customer Care Experience
+18 yrs
Avg. Coding/Data Experience
+12 yrs
Avg. Yrs. Marketing Experience

Over the last several years, the eSmart® team has become the experts in bridging the gap between physical and digital customer experiences. Having a team of marketing professionals with 10 years of customer care experience, engineers averaging 18 years of experience, and marketing professionals averaging 12 years of experience, we OWN customer engagement in a way no one else can match. Each of us have been personally affected by the changing digital landscape and have a passion for making complex technology simple and useful and helping to enrich the lives of our human family. That's one of the many reasons why we are committed to help you to easily bridge the gap between digital and traditional experiences ensuring customers remain Safe, Healthy and Connected® to YOU.

Be the Brand
with the eSmart® ecoSystem

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Drive Customers Online while In-Store from Every Aisle and Every Product


eSmart<sup>®</sup> Experience

Increase Loyalty by Personally Engaging Anytime, Anywhere from Anything!

with a quick tap of the phone

"Tap to Engage™"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® ecoSystem, making contactless, personalized, on-demand customer engagement effortless!


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